Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome . . .

I live in a rural part of Michigan with my boyfriend, my teenage son and daughter, two dogs, a cat, three Guinea Pigs and four chickens. I have been a lifelong lover of the outdoors and animals and have spent the past 20 years or so working with horses. Working on the farm gives me many opportunities to see the local wildlife from coyotes, deer and turkey to Sand Hill Cranes, hawks and rabbits. And also a chance to be able to get out and take the Earth Mother in from the warm sun shinning on my face to the breeze blowing my hair and the aroma of the flowers and rustle of the leaves.

We enjoy many outdoor activities together, from fishing, camping, hiking and hunting. The last two are often done at the same time!

Our dream is to one day get a small plot of land Up North and put a small cabin on it. If I have my way, we'd be starting the land thing this next Spring/Summer...cross my fingers. But with the economy the way it has been and lack of work on my boyfriends end things have had to get put on back burners. But I'd like to think that this is something we can start. Once the land is in, I can ryhme, LOL...the plan would be to start clearing and building over the next few years. And during that time, it would give us a place to stay at during our yearly fishing/camping trip as well as deer season.